It has been recognised that headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system and with this said an estimated 47% of the adult population have had at least one headache within the past year.

Headaches are a common presentation treated at Fisher Demirov Osteopaths, Ringwood. Their cause can be attributed to anything which leads to nerve irritation through the skull, neck and TMJ.  Our study as osteopaths allows us to recognise benign (treatable) headaches and those that are best referred off to your GP.

Classes of Headaches often treated at Fisher Demirov Osteopaths, Ringwood include:

  1. Cervicogenic headache
  2. Cluster Headache
  3. Tension Headache
  4. Migraine
  5. Sinus Headache


We aim to reduce the symptoms of your headache by:

  • Releasing local and regional muscle tightness.
  • Improve joint mechanics
  • Improve blood circulation and fluid movement throughout the head and neck
  • Make suggestions on stretches to help maintain the changes made during Osteopathic treatment of your headache.
  • Advice on workplace ergonomics which can often facilitate poor posture.

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